When you see the beautiful cover of The Novice by Pieter Wouter Broekharst, you want to know who the woman on the cover is and what her story is. You also want to know what the story of the castle is. The cover could thus be used as a movie poster. The only downside is that the title is too high. It would have been better if the title had been at the bottom of the woman's neck and if the author's name had been at the bottom right. Then the cover would have been perfect. The title of the book makes you curious, you want to know what her story is.
Pieter Wouter Broekharst's novice takes place in an old priory that has been converted into a girls' boarding school for rich girls who are difficult to educate and unruly, who have already had all other boarding schools. They receive lessons from sisters of the good order and unmarried female lay people. Men are not welcome here, even the village pastor is not welcome there. The technical handynurse has left and a new handynurse is urgently being sought. At his wits end, the pastor is consulted, who still knows someone. But then strange accidents happen around and around the boarding school and girls disappear without a trace.

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