Review: The Whale Theatre by Joanna Quinn

When you see the beautiful cover of The Whale Theatre by Joanna Quinn, you want to know what the story of the whale is. The title makes you curious about the story, you want to know more about it.
In Joanna Quinn's Whale Theatre, Cristabel grows up on her father's estate. One day, her father comes home with a “new” woman who must take care of a son so that he can eventually inherit his father's estate. Unfortunately for Cristabel's father, his second child is also a daughter and the mother is not very happy with her daughter either. Eventually, Flossie's mother has a son who can later inherit the estate. The children have to save themselves and are mainly dependent on each other. One day, a whale washes up on the nearby beach. For the kids, it's an exciting game to claim the whale. Eventually, with the bones of the whale, the children build a theater where they give shows. The whale theater is a beacon of hope and will forever remind them of their carefree childhood. Once almost or already an adult, the Second World War breaks out and everyone follows their path, always thinking about each other.

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