In the Elisabeth - Two Cities Hospital in Tilburg, a revolutionary method of surgery for breast cancer patients was used for the first time. A magnet seed the size of a grain of rice is placed in the tumor. This sends a signal to the surgeon's system.

Thanks to the new technique, surgeons know much more precisely where to operate, resulting in smaller scars and a patient friendlier treatment. The method worked with so far is used a metal anchor wire, protruding from the patient's chest. This gives an uncomfortable feeling. With the new technique, this is a thing of the past. The magnet can be applied well before surgery and reduces discomfort to the patient. This means that the “grain of rice” can be placed, for example, when a patient is on control in the hospital.
International interest

The technique was developed by the company Sirius Medical from Eindhoven. The magnet is inserted with a syringe. The surgeon can then see exactly where the tumor is located with a sensor up to the millimeter. The first two patients have been successfully treated and there will soon be more; ten different Dutch hospitals have already shown interest in technology. At the beginning of November there will be a presentation for hospitals where questions can also be asked. Other countries have already shown interest in the new method.
Source: RTL - The Optimist

Rice grain for breast cancer operations