RIVM always knows the answer, but sometimes makes people happy with the wrong answer

The RIVM is called flat with questions about all kinds of topics. After all, they are the experts who (do not) know everything. For example, a call is made to the RIVM with a question if something is allowed. The answer is YES. Another calls with the same question and the answer is NO. The third person seeks certainty and calls the RIVM with the same question, the answer is NO. There is pressure from the entrepreneurs and the fourth person calls the RIVM with the same question and the answer is YES.

Now two people are going to call the RIVM. One gets the answer YES and the other person gets the answer NO.

Suppose that activities are carried out, while according to the enforcers it is not allowed and the RIVM has given permission, the RIVM may pay the fine.

Apparently, after every press conference about the elaboration, there are different angles at the RIVM. One employee states that it is allowed and the other employee states that he cannot read what is not there or what has not been decided upon.

It would be nice if at least the information given by the RIVM is the same. Whether you live in Limburg or in Groningen. #overheid