RIVM: observe the measures to prevent further measures

The RIVM has released a message for the people along with Prime Minister Rutte. If everyone abide by the rules (as far as possible), drastic measures such as those in neighbouring countries may need to be avoided. #coronavirus #rivm #ziek #griep #maatregelen More infections are expected in Limburg and North Brabant. The measures taken a week ago require about 2 weeks to be able to say something about it. Next Sunday 29 March we could say something and we should have a fall in infection. People who have complaints got infected about 2 weeks ago. For that reason, it is then something to say about in a week when the so-called incubation period is over.

Jumbo, the supermarket near me has taken measures. so you can disinfect your cart with disinfected spray, you are asked to pay as much as possible with pin (here are now a lot of infections on of course), the cashier is behind a plexiglass glass and has gloves.
Only on one jumbo there are stripes on the ground from 1.5 meters away. You have to stand behind the line and not move until the one in front of you moves on the line in front of you.
At us everyone is standing close to each other in line waiting behind the cash register.

Is this with you guys or not?
What do you do with the measures that have been imposed? Please note that. https://www.nu.nl/coronavirus/6039171/rivm-baas-of-er-maatregelen-bijkomen-hangt-af-van-het-gedrag-van-mensen.html