Hello everyone,
Things were a little quiet on my part here on Yoors.
I had to take care of a lot of things because something terrible has happened to me.
We do groceries in Germany every month and therefore always refuel the car immediately.
That just really saves us a lot of money because it's cheaper there.

Last Friday, the children were still free from school and then we decided to go to Germany with my sister.
She brought a jerry can that could hold gasoline and we were able to refuel at the same time. Nice and easy. Before that time, we first walked in the center of leather and looked at a number of very nice shops there.
Charlene even bought a very nice t-shirt from the New Yorker of her own money. She was very proud that she bought that out of her own money. Surely those are those very nice moments of enjoyment.

When we were out shopping in Leer we went to a petrol pump in Papenburg because there it was nice and cheap petrol refueling, namely €168.
I was busy with the car full of gas and my sister's jerry can when a German man was talking to me. So I don't know what I did to my phone because I was distracted unfortunately.

When we were back in the Netherlands and my sister got out of my bag a little early, I noticed at once that my wallet was gone. We quickly put the car aside and searched the whole car, but no, no, no wallet found mine.

I was really upset because there were 4 ID Cards in it and 1 Driver's License of mine and 3 Bank Cards.

You can see that I wasn't happy at the time.

When I got home, I called the police station to ask exactly what to do. Very stupid, but having those sides blocked directly from your cards at the bank and I did that immediately. Fortunately, there was no money off yet, so I was very happy about that. We were there in time to just say it.

Next day I had to go from the police to the town hall and indicate that I have stolen 4 ID Cards and 1 Driver's License, otherwise they could commit fraud with them.

Then I was told the cost tag what I have to pay for new ID Cards and Driver's License.
For the normal ID Card of my own, I have to pay 69 euro + 10 euro for passport photo
Id Cards for the children 5050 euro and therefore 30 euro for 3 Passport photos because all three of them have to be photographed again.
Well, and then the Driver's License of 49 euro.

Well, figure that out. That is a big amount to me and you have to pay that from a Minima Wage huh. That's just priceless,.

For now, I just applied for my Driver's License first, because after all, I need to be able to identify myself, of course, if they ask for it.

So I really have to do the rest later, because if I have to be honest, it's just priceless for the minima people.
You don't ask for you to be robbed at all and then you also have such a big cost post that makes no sense at all, huh?

I now agree that I am not going to go to Germany again at the moment, because I will be cured of it immediately if I have to be very honest.

So people, be careful not to steal your wallet, because it's not cheap to get it all again.

Lots of love @Rosita &Charlene - Blogs-Creations  

Robbed in Germany