Terry is a mermaid, is recognized as incomplete mermaid, beautiful is beautiful, but such a mermaid married home can not give birth to offspring, what is the role. So apart from a few men who are attracted by his beauty and can even give up their offspring, the rest are in a wait-and-see state. After all, it's a good thing to have a beautiful mermaid. Isn't it easy to knock down Chen Fan? Xu Wei dejectedly said that Chen Fan was mediocre in the elite group of the government, which also led most people to get along with him more happily, because Chen Fan was the best foil. Xu Wei felt that it was not interesting to challenge a person whose strength was worse than his own. Don't force yourself. Terry smiled and saw the man running in front of him, waving happily, "Chen Fan." "Why did you come out?" Chen Fan saw that Terry was all right and breathed a long sigh of relief. It wasn't that he didn't trust him, but that this guy's precedent was too bad. A person who could make trouble at home would be even more lawless when he went out. Bring you a meal. Terry blinked his eyes and held up the lunch box. You, I took a lunch box when I went out in the morning. Chen Fan said helplessly. You mean I made a trip for nothing? The long thick eyelashes are like black butterfly wings, flapping and flapping, which makes people feel pity. Onlookers break the idea before, with such a beautiful and gentle mermaid company, really, death is worth it, what is a fart child. Xu Wei has deepened the idea that he is bound to win. He has a brother above him, so whether he wants to have a child or not is not a particularly critical thing. There are few mermaids, and not everyone in the government has the right to apply for mermaids. Secondly, applying is one thing, getting is another. No Chen Fan quickly shook his head, "did you eat it yourself?" Terry shook his head. "I've prepared a lot. I want to eat with you." "Then let's go." "Chen Fan, I want to challenge you." "Xu Wei?" Chen Fan looked at him doubtfully, "why?" Xu Wei and Chen Fan are not friends,rotary vacuum disc filters, but they will greet each other when they meet. Now this practice is no different from that of a third party. However, there is no clear regulation in C country that mermaids are not allowed to find lovers. Even at this stage of population decline, the scientific research team and the Mermaid Hospital are still encouraging these things that violate public morality. When they select mermaid applicants, they will look at the physiological data of the applicants to determine whether they are easy to make mermaids pregnant. Beat you and he can come with me. Xu Wei did not shy away from saying, can be considered unsparing, Lan Hao saw him so straightforward, slightly frowned. Is it true what he said? Chen Fan looked at Tritong with some dumbfounding. Triton nodded. Fine Chen Fan turned helplessly, "where do we start?" "Let's all be witnesses here." Xu Weidao, he is full of confidence in himself and is bound to win. Just as well Lan Hao evacuated the people and made room for them. He Yong stood on the chair with a camera that came from nowhere. Chen Fan and Xu Wei stood face to face, and Lan Hao raised his right arm: "One, two, three, start." Xu Wei is 22 years old, Lamella Plate Settler ,Rotating sludge scraper, six years younger than Chen Fan. When Lan Hao finished shouting, he took the lead in launching the attack. Chen Fan did not dodge, hard to get a punch, He Yong Leng for a moment, doubtfully looking at Lan Hao, Lan Hao also doubtfully raised one side of the eyebrows. Chen Fan's face was pale. He covered his abdomen and stood up. Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. He stood up straight and said, "Go on." Xu Wei took a deep breath, clenched his fist and went up to Chen Fan's face. At the last moment, Chen Fan was shocked to escape, thinking that Terry likes beautiful people, his face is ordinary, in the face of a punch, it is estimated that there is a problem to go into his room at night to lay the quilt. After Xu Wei retreated, he could not bear to say, "You'd better admit defeat." He had learned martial arts, had a special coach since he was a child, and was younger than Chen Fan. It was more or less unreasonable for him to rob his colleague's lover. Chen Fan looked at his hand, to the sandbag can easily swing out, but to people, I do not know why, he even clenched his fist feel sick. Chen Fan, come on, come on.
"Terry clutched a plastic bottle filled with sand in one hand and said to each other," Knock, knock, knock. " Knocking. Chen Fan black line, big puzzled where his props came from, Lan Hao and He Yong pointed to the side of the road, went to the lid of the trash can. Seeing that Terry helped Chen Fan to refuel, Xu Wei felt uncomfortable and thought that it would be better to end it earlier. Chen Fan received another solid punch. Terry sat on the steps, puffed out his cheeks, annoyed that Chen Fan had not made a move. Could it be that what he said yesterday was false? He still disliked that his partner could not have children. Lan Hao sat down beside him. "What are you thinking about?" "I'm angry. Do you see that?" Lan Hao's hair is light blue, especially beautiful, like the blue of the sky, and his face outline is delicate, he and Chen Fan, one is a swan, one is a wild duck. Why doesn't Chen Fan show his real strength? "You know?" Terry's way of difference. Uh Blue Hao nodded, gentle as water, he will be blown open by the wind hair to the ear edge, "want to know the reason?" Terry thought about it and shook his head. "I want to wait for him to tell me." "All right." Lan Hao glanced at the plastic bottle in his hand. "You're different from other mermaids." "Uh.." I'm more casual. Terry rolled his eyes. Can it be the same? He was going to marry a mermaid, not to have children. How interesting "Chen Fan, hurry up and solve it for me,fine bubble diffuser, or you won't climb the bed tonight." Terry stood up and waved the plastic bottle in his hand. There was silence. What did the mermaid say? No sex? Ah So bold. The crowd was stunned. Chen Fan's eyes lit up, which meant that if he won, he could sleep with him for a night? Or can you do something more loving. khnwatertreatment.com

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