pepernoten cake

pepernoten cake



200 gram boter
200 gram suiker
200 gram zelfrijzend bakmeel
8 gram vanillesuiker
snufje zout
4 eieren
50 ml melk
4 tl speculaaskruiden
100 gram pepernoten
ter decoratie: pepernoten en amandelschaafsel

Klop boter, suiker en vanillesuiker romig, voeg de eieren één voor één toe en mix tot ze helemaal zijn opgenomen. Voeg de melk en het zelfrijzend bakmeel afwisselend in delen toe aan het beslag. Voeg samen met het meel ook de snuf zout toe.

Voeg de speculaaskruiden en pepernoten toe aan het beslag. Meng de pepernoten met een beetje bloem voordat je ze toevoegt aan het beslag.

Stort het beslag in een ingevette en met bloem bestoven cakeblik.

Ter decoratie strooi je wat pepernoten
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Bullying experience
Recently cried @vanrupstotvlinder us to share our experiences with bullying. And then it doesn't matter in which context or stage of life that is. I like to put a little punch in the bag here in 140 words. Bullying experience in therapy - The goal of group therapy in a psychotherapeutic community, as far as I was concerned, was the problem that I (with myself)?) had to face and fight. And and passers-by help group mates do the same. Learning to leave behind years of being misunderstood and bullied, say. So the therapy was actually a means to grow over bullying. Yet that summer turned out to be quite different. In the groups there, as it turned out, there were invariably looking for opportunities to make each other's lives miserable. It seemed like bullying a group mate was elevated to the highest goal of therapy. The deeper you were able to bring someone into the night of life, the better. For others, that even led to suicide. Really, bullying destroys much more than you love! Bullying is crime!   The key word in the @140woorden this month's challenge is midsummer night . Do you see where and how this has been incorporated in this contribution (under the Bullying Experience in Therapy heading)? As stated in the introduction, this contribution is my answer to the question ' What can you tell about teasing and bullying? 'from caterpillar to butterfly. Read more - Vague, eh? - Fear in the eyes - Ellen hung on pole (184) - Assistance in Uganda - #theplague #psycho #therapy #experiencewithbullying #140words Do you also want to co-write or comment, but are you not a member of Yoors yet? Then sign up here - logon