On October 7th we got 380 volts in the house.
The energy supplier is responsible for the damage.
I had recorded everything from damage and passed on to my fire insurance.
On Monday 16 November I get expertise from my insurance with the other party.

Now there are charges added yesterday
My gas burner (fuel oil) and kettle have gone down.

Now I called my fire insurance yesterday with photos and videos, they told me it's gonna be hard to add.
I feel bad because my bathroom was destroyed with leaks in the floor, so we're replacing it, but now I'm also out of heating.

Now you understand when the expertise comes, I'm going to be very sharp.
The same company is the only one in my province that can also connect gas.

I had called them to switch from fuel oil to gas.
They can't help me until January 6th, 2021, so I don't have heating for that long.

Now I went to look for an electric fire, that also costs a lot of money, and afterwards I will have to pay a lot of extra on my energy bill.

There is no other society.
I feel rotten and fat abandoned

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