Royal pet daughter-in-law by Caitian

The old lady listened to her explanation so much, and remembered what she had just heard when she entered the door to persuade Zhao Qing. She believed most of it in her heart. "Well, well, I'm just asking you, and I don't mean to blame you. Get up.". Lu Qingrong stood up and felt his back soaked with cold sweat. Just now she lured Zhao Qing into her yard, and she was really a little impatient. "Then the old lady added," It's all right if you leave Brother Qing here. Zhao Qing's mother Ma Shi has been very disgusted with Lu Qingyin, if Zhao Qing went back like this, Ma Shi must have refused to agree to the marriage. Zhao Qing stay is much easier to do, he is a soft ear, let Lu Qingyin to his front to compensate, say a few soft words, this matter may turn the page, do not delay Pingliang Hou Fu and Changxing Hou Fu marriage. The old lady ordered her to have a good rest and went back to Muyuantang. Lu Qingrong asked Cuiping to support her and personally sent the old lady out of the yard. When the old lady was out of sight, her voice cooled: "Let's go back." She hated the old lady Zhang more than the third wife Zhao. She was so cold, selfish and stone-hearted that she had grovelled for so many years without a trace of warmth from her. If it were possible, she would like to scratch her majestic face. When Zhao Qing returned to the guest room, he was calmer now, but his heart was still very confused. On the one hand, he said in front of Lu Qingyin that he had made a clean break with her. He was really disappointed with Lu Qingyin. On the other hand, after all, his feelings for so many years were there, and he could not give them up. He felt uncomfortable when he thought about it. The old lady said to ask Lu Qingyin to apologize to him face to face, Zhao Qing waited in the guest room, but until dinner time, also did not wait for the figure of Lu Qingyin. He became more and more dissatisfied. Just as a servant from the Marquis of Changxing came in to deliver dinner, Zhao Qing asked, "Do you have any wine?" "The old lady and the Third Mistress have told me not to drink because you're wounded," said the boy. Zhao Qing didn't talk to him at all: "Go and get a jar of daughter red. What are you waiting for? Go quickly!" The boy did not dare to say anything, so he gave him a jar of daughter red. Zhao Qing drank a lot of wine bowl after bowl. He was not a good drinker, and he soon got drunk because of the wine. He said to the air with drunk eyes, "Lu Qingyin, Li Yu is so good. You have been thinking about him all the time. I treat you so well, but you always treat me as nothing. How can you live up to my sincerity?" He banged his chest. "It hurts here, it really hurts!" His valet came forward to persuade him, "Young master, you are drunk." After all, this is someone else's home, Zhao Qing is so drunk and crazy, radio shuttle racking , in case someone sees it, it's too humiliating. Zhao Qing pushed the boy away. "I'm not drunk. I'm not drunk." He staggered to his feet and shouted, "Come on, let's go and find Lu Ching-yin and find out what's wrong with Lao Tzu that she dislikes him so much." When the boy saw that he was drunk and mad, he tried to persuade him, but he pushed him away. Zhao Qing staggered out of the guest room and walked along the road to the inner courtyard. There was a high wall between the inner and outer courtyards, and there was a woman guarding the door. Zhao Qing drunkenly told her to open the door. The woman belonged to the third wife. Zhao Qing often stayed in the Hou Mansion and often entered the inner house from here to pay his respects to the third wife. The woman always gave convenience. This time Zhao Qing's attitude was extremely tough, and she dared not stop him, so she let him in. Zhao Qing took advantage of the strength of the wine and went to Lu Qingyin's yard. Walking to a small garden, he felt uncomfortable for a while and vomited under a banyan tree. Anyone who has ever drunk wine knows that once the wine goes to the head, the more you vomit, the more drunk you will be. Zhao Qing felt very uncomfortable, and the wound on his shoulder was burning again. "Go and find me a pot of tea," he told the boy. "I feel very uncomfortable." "Wait here, sir," said the boy. "The younger one will be back soon." Zhao Qing shook and waved his hand, "go quickly!" The boy did not dare to neglect and trotted all the way. Soon after the boy left, Zhao Qing felt someone patted him on the shoulder and stuffed a teapot into his hand. Zhao Qing's mouth was so dry that he picked up the teapot and poured it down.
When he finished drinking, he handed the teapot back and touched the man's hand, then he felt wrong. The man's hands were smooth and delicate, like good silk satin, not like his own boy's hands at all. At this time, Zhao Qing only felt that his consciousness became more and more blurred, his whole body was as hot and dry as a fire, and somewhere on his body changed involuntarily. Ma Shi gave him two maids when he was fourteen years old, so Zhao Qing was well versed in human affairs. At this time, he just wanted to find a woman to send. Let it out Grab that hand and won't let go. He faintly knew that there was a woman behind him, so he pulled the woman into his arms and touched her chest with his hands dishonestly. Cousin, no! He faintly heard a faint voice that seemed familiar, but he had been blinded by the fire rising from his lower abdomen, and had no time to think about it, so he tore the man's clothes roughly. When Zhao Qing's boy came back, he saw his master's clothes half open and a woman with snow-white skin rolling down in the grass. The woman struggled hard, but his master did not care, and his movements were very fierce. His boy's eyes were not bad, and he soon recognized that the person who was pressed below by the young master was Miss Lu Qingrong, the fifth lady of Hou Fu. He felt his eyes black, and the teapot in his hand fell to the ground with a bang and broke into pieces. Only then did Lu Qingrong discover the existence of the boy and burst out with a sharp cry. At this time, Cuiping came out of nowhere and screamed through the sky. After all, this was the territory of the third wife, and such a big thing happened, which soon alarmed the third wife and the old lady. When they heard about it, they were both surprised and angry. He sent Zhao Qing and Lu Qingrong to Hengfeng Garden. Lu Qinglan soon heard the news, her face showed a dumbfounding expression, "five sisters in order to marry into Pingliang Hou Fu, really spell." 。