My bookcorner: The American - Andrew Britton

My bookcorner: The American - Andrew Britton

I see the sun shining outside, so I'll take my book and I shall read the last 50 pages of a really thrilling story written by Andrew Britton.

Ryan Kealy, a former CIA-agent, the hero of this book has achieved more than any men can dream of in a lifetime. He has done and seen it all and is lucky to have survived it.

Once  again, the CIA needs him badly. A former U.S soldier Jason March, an old enemy of Ryan Kealy, had formed an alliance with a powerful  Middle East terror network. They want the total destruction of the United States.

Kealy has to work with a tenacious British-born agent Naomi Kharmai to fight this terrorist and to hunt down Jason March. 

During their adventures Ryan Kealy discovers that Jason March not only has a political and personal vendetta to fight but that he also aimes Kealy himself.

See you later, Aligator... in a while Crocodile!

Original Title: The American ( De Amerikaan)
Autor: Andrew Britton
ISBN: 0786018003 (ISBN13: 9780786018000)
Edition Language: English
Series: Ryan Kealey #1

© Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere

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