Rudolf the reindeer making out of wood and a red bell nose!

Sometimes it takes only one thing to be inspiration for a cool craft. I askedIneke, can you do something with these wooden hands? Not a while ago, but then suddenly the star at Ineke sparkles, and there is a great fun craft idea. The hands become the antlers of a wooden reindeer and that looks cool! And that's not all, there's also a bell on his nose.. nice for the youngest children to press that! Do you read along?

What do you need?

-Large tree disc

-2 small wood discs for the ears

- 2 Wooden hands-click here with 15% discount with the code: creabea15 Valid until 31-12-20

-A bell

-Small tie wraps/cable ties.

-Small washers and feathers.

-A dowel

-Glue gun

How do you make it?

1. Use a large tree disc as a reindeer head

2. Attach a dowel to the back of this disc so that it can stand upright

3. With 2 wooden hands you can make the antlers of your reindeer:

Put the washer in the spring, so you can fasten the spring with a screwdriver. Drill a hole in the hands and secure the hands with the small cable ties to the spring.

4. Secure two small wood discs on either side of the head as ears

5. Paint your reindeer now and let dry

Ineke complements:

While I'm at it, I think I can make this a toy Rudolph. I'll find another little feather and a big red bell. Both I attach with a glue gun to the tree disk. Next, the biggest wiggling eyes I have. Ready is the baby trigger Rudolph the rinkle red nose rendeer!

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