Rudolf the reindeer with light crafts

Do you like the conviviality of Christmas so much? I do, and the best part is to make your own decoration! For this idea, you need a reindeer. This is for sale through the pictures below. Give your reindeer its own look with paint, blingbling, ribbons, bows.. short. Make it the way you like it! And is it ready? Then you can enjoy the lights in the reindeer double!

What do you need?

-Reindeer with lighting

-Maya fire-red paint/brush

-Ffur ribbon

-Pom ribbon

-Pearl pen silver, green and red


- Bling bling stickers

How do you make it?

1. Paint the reindeer with the red paint and let dry

2. Stick fur ribbon on your reindeer using tackytape

3. Do the same with the green dots ribbon around the reindeer antlers

4. Use the pearl pens to make green and silver pearl dots on the antlers. With red, you can accentuate the nose with the pearl pen

5. Stick bling stickers on the antlers

6. Batteries in and enjoy!

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Looking for a nice mistakes Christmas Sweater? Below is a small grip with Rudolf the reindeer.

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