Sage: a gift for your body


Sage is one of the most medicinal plants of our planet.

The Latin name - Salvia officinalis - comes from the word salvare, which means “to save” or treat.

In the tombs of the pharaohs, this plant was the main ingredient for the mixture to embalm.

Already from ancient times

The Greek doctor Dioscorides used sage to treat a large number of diseases, such as bleeding, fever, kidney stones and irregular menstruation.

At the time of Charles Emperor, sage was planted in any garden and considered the most healing plant.

They used it to treat virtually any disease and with it sage has acquired the status of sacred plant.

Medicinal and effective ingredients:

Sage contains essential oil, salviol, pinene, cineol, borneol, camphor, tannin, bitter substances, proteins, starch, gum, calcium oxalate, a salt of phosphoric acid, potassium and calcium salt.

Healing effect

  • Sage purifies the blood, stimulates the secretion of mucus from the respiratory tract, affects the mucous secretion of the stomach, so patients regain appetite.
  • Sage is not only good against inflammation, but also heals all inflammations of the intestine, stomach, liver, gallbladder and urinary tract.
  • Sage tea is an extraordinary addition to gargling in the throat with sore throat and inflammation of the mucous membranes in the mouth.
  • Sage is used in a variety of metabolic symptoms of the disease, can be an additional treatment for rheumatism and gout, and various nervous disorders.
  • Sage tea, when drinking more often, strengthens the whole body, prevents stroke and is treated as the only herb in addition to lavender night sweats.

Also doctors recognize good properties of sage tea

The best results are seen when used against spasms, diseases of the spinal cord, diseases of the glands and trembling limbs.

In case of one of these diseases drink two cups of tea a day.

The tea has an excellent effect on the liver and blood vessels, reduces bloating and other discomfort associated with impaired liver function.

If you run out of almonds, which play a role in the toxic substances that directly affect the kidneys, sage can partially absorb that function.

Concentrated decoction of sage helps against bleeding, and loose teeth, periodontitis and ulcers on the gums.

Also for external use

For insect bites apply crushed leaves under a compress to the bite.For external use is also used sage tea, on compresses against inflammation, pain in the neck, tooth abscesses, inflammation of the throat and mouth.

Sage tea is prepared as follows

1-2 teaspoons of sage, insist 2 dl of boiling water for 10 minutes.

The tea is quite strongly fragrant and can be a bit distasteful to drink.

The tea is allowed to be drunk several times a day.

Sage is certainly a plant that we should consider as a gift from God, which we should have at home in our pharmacy.

Please note: pregnant women and persons with allergies and serious illnesses should always seek advice from the attending physician.

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