Sailing In Autumn: 22-11-2020

#GIETHOORN : You rarely see that at the end of November there is still sailing on the #Molengat in Giethoorn-Noord.
The Molengat is a lake in the Dutch province of Overijssel.

The Molengat is located in the north of the town of Giethoorn. On the north side of the Molengat, the Thijssengrachet lake connects to the Giethoornsche Meer. In the extension of the Thijssengracht, the Beneden Stouwe runs to the east. The Molengat has multiple connections to the canals through the town of Giethoorn and the lake area in the surrounding area. As well as the nearby #Belter -, Beulaker- and Bovenwijde is the Molengat originated by storms. The Molengat was created by the storm of 1825 when large areas of land were knocked away.

On the southwest side of the Molengat is the Tjasker of the same name, the Molengat.

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Digital art beginner: Lore Olympus Fan Art
A long time ago I made a first attempt at digital art. That was then just with my computer mouse drawn on paint and was rather basic and not really impressive, as you can see below. My first attempt at (some kind of) digital drawing. - Read more After this, I have long left the idea of digitally drawing. I had no idea which program I should use or what material I should buy. The way I saw it, it seemed like you needed very expensive software and expensive material to get a bit of a good result. Meanwhile, I know this isn't true.. In the end, your skill is the most important thing, which I (still?) not quite have, but the point is that the equipment must have some basic things, but beyond that it's just extras. Extras that probably can help, but if you just do it as a hobby for fun, those aren't really worth the money in my opinion. Meanwhile, I have practiced a little more with digital drawing, meanwhile with a sign tablet in hand. And I'd like to share one of my drawings with you. It's about Fan Art based on Lore Olympus, a comic that you can read on Webtoon. In the comic you follow the story of Hades and Persephone, but with a more modern twist. Many difficult but important topics are also addressed. I'm already a big fan! Hopefully you'll find my first attempt at Fan Art a little pleasant to watch!
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Special trees - photoblog
In every country you can find a special tree. A tree that has a story. Here are some of them... Nebias, France - A fir in the shape of a harp More about the mysterious , natural labyrinth of Nebias, you can find in this blog : Zomer in Frankrijk - dag 7 : Rennes-le-Château en Nebias - It's hardly known, not touristic at all, but it's as if you are walking in a fantasy-movie. Fluminimaggiore, Italy - ancient cork oak You can find more about how cork is harvested in this blog. It's been written in Portugal, one of the largest producers of cork. Portugal, dag 16 : De kurkwouden, onderweg naar Alte. - Voeren, Belgium - In a landscape full of autumn trees, this tree was very present. Palmtrees, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria - One of my favourite trees, because it reminds me of sun and sea. A special job when they need to be cut ... - #yoorsdecember#tree#photography#travel  #travelling#nature