Sailing on the water - with a small homemade raft

Go on adventure! Here you will find a nice DIY idea to craft a raft. Make a mini-raft of popsicle sticks or twigs, which can really float! Make a mast on it and a sail. If you have made a raft with several children, make a raft race!

Lucas, a neighbor from a few doors down, is in eighth grade and has made one of popsicles sticks. And as you can see, he really floats! With wood glue he stuck the sticks together, and he left it dry overnight. The sail is a piece of leather, but you can also use plastic or a fabric. The cork is glued to the raft, insert into it the mast.

Don't forget the string, so you can get your raft back on the side!

There are many more ways to make a raft or boat that can sail. You can actually use a lot of materials to craft rafts. Not only ice sticks, but also corks, empty bottles, empty packs of milk, satestokjes, matchsticks, twigs, leaves, etc.. And yes, even with a sponge you can make one!

Of course, you don't really have to go to the ditch, you can also use a large basin (tub) water or see in the bath which floats the longest. Or put on an inflatable bath! And you can also use the fan to make wind. . (then, of course, look out very well)

Here are some more inspirations:

A nice step-by-step description of this raft can be found on Craft Project Ideas

With 3 corks and 2 popsicle sticks you can make a floating boat. Look here how! Go to A Little Learning

So really floats! Look here for the extensive how-to-do-it:

With twigs and rope. Look here how to make it yourself: Make and Takes

Emma made these boats/boats with her children! Click here for the method: Kids Craft Room

From 12 corks and a piece of foam rubber you make a real floating raft! Make it a nice cork doll. The sail is also foam rubber, draw on it with a waterproof marker. For the complete roadmap, see Small Friendly

This idea comes from The Ininterested Parent , see how you make this floating boat from the bottom part of a plastic bottle.

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