Saint anne

#venezuela Santa Ana de Trujillo is a town belonging to the Panpan municipality of Trujillo state one of the three states that are part of the Andes mountain range.

It is located at an altitude of 1650 m above sea level and its temperature is 17° C.

Santa Ana de Trujillo is famous for having ratified the treaty of armistice and regularization of the war in 1820, between Simon Bolivar and Pablo Morillo.

The culture is almost totally cheerful, it also has beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate, to see you very friendly and cordial.

This village is conducive to leaving aside the trajinar, releasing stress and practicing healthy recreation and recreation.

Its narrow, cobbled streets and old houses give the impression that time stopped.

It is a delight to know that in this secluded area whose main activity is the cultivation of coffee, it received Simon Bolivar and was the center of a moment that went down in history