Saint Nicholas

Actually, I thought this was a nice time, since September I started tinkering.
I also chose my list carefully because Mom taught me that Saint Nicholas could not bring everything to me.
That I had to share with other children.
Even though I was an only child, I certainly wasn't spoiled.
Many people think this, but that's why I know what I'm doing for, you always have to do something for it.

I remember the delicious candy, the songs and also when the Saint came, I had stomach cramps, so exciting I found the whole thing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

For my husband this is different, it is his birthday on December 4 and at their home came Sinterklaas, for the younger brother very nice when, for my husband not, his birthday was forgotten but Sinterklaas for the little brother went for.

You see, everyone experiences it differently

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