Same thing

The carnival is back and everyone already knows how to dress up.Janna doesn't know yet, and he's walking around town. The shops are decorated and everyone seems in a party mood. Even the shopkeeper who normally can't laugh. Laughs all the time, and when Janna walks into her store, she says, “Hello, what can I do for you, how are you going to dress up tonight? I go as a witch and my girlfriends too and you how are you going?” Janna looks at her and says, “Hello, I don't know, and walk looking. What do you recommend to me?” The shopkeeper walks to the dress department and says, “How about sister or as a cat?” “No, I was a sister last year and cat that was me the year before.” Then Janna sees a two-piece suit hanging, a skirt with top. She walks there, but the shopkeeper says, “She's not from the carnival, but it looks like a gypsy dress. Then you go as a gypsy there you look like.” Janna sees that the dress is at half the price and decides to buy it. Now we have a headscarf and big earrings. The shopkeeper was happy but still she smiles a little mean. At least that's what Janna thought but she was happy and hoped she'd be the only one at the party with her beautiful set.
Then she bike home quickly, she thinks it's cold and starts cycling faster. She meets a friend who greets her and says, “See you tonight and how are you going to dress up?” Janna says, “I'm not gonna tell you that, then the surprise is off, see you later.” Janna turns right and stops at the third house. She locks her bike and takes her bags out of the bike bags. When she walks in, she puts the bags on the table and walks into the kitchen.
“First a cup of coffee,” she says so hard and turns on the kettle. When she sits down at the table, she takes off her jacket and hangs it on the chair. Soon she begins to take her clothes out of the bags. She puts it over the chair, and she looks at it happy. That's why she wouldn't tell anyone, and she was original she hoped. Coffee first and then sleep.

Janna woke up and she's taking a shower. Then she starts to make herself like a zigeurin, the way they looked very old. A headscarf on and her clothes sits beautifully around her just a necklace, large earrings and bracelets made of gold. A belt with coins around her waist. She's meeting her friends group at 9:00 in the big marquee. She looks at the clock and it's almost that far.
She pulls her long coat on the pulls the door tight and turns the lock on it. She has to ride a bike to the marquee, and when she comes cycling, she doesn't see any friends. What she does see is that almost everyone looks like a gypsy and gypsy. Then she sees a friend with the same suit as her but a different color. They start laughing and almost immediately say, “Oooo, that's why the shopkeeper was so cheerful that old witch.” When they walk into the party hall, they see all the girls in the group in the same suit but always in a different color. As if the shopkeeper had done the exstra. Then all of a sudden, a group of women walk in and they're all witches, but no one can see who the shop teacher is. The party was super cozy and it was quite cozy to look the same. #schrijfchallengs