Cannabis in San Diego

The use of cannabis in San Diego has become legal for both medical and recreational purposes, but you must purchase the drug from a licensed dispensary or store. In addition, you must not use cannabis while driving or riding in a vehicle. You must also avoid smoking, which is illegal in the city. Instead, you should buy cannabis products like edibles, which do not produce any smoke.

The most common cannabis product in San Diego is cannabis oil, which is an extract of the cannabis plant. It is also commonly known as hash oil or CBD tinctures and contains the organic constituents of the plant. It is extracted using different methods from different strains of cannabis. This results in different levels of purity.

Cannabis businesses in San Diego will need to pay the Cannabis Business Tax. This tax is based on a percentage of the cannabis product that is sold, and is set at 8%. The revenue from this tax is used to fund various programs in the city. A portion of the money goes to improving public safety. The rest is used to create Family Health Centers, which provide treatment services for low-income residents.

There are a number of cannabis dispensaries located in San Diego. Many of them are located in convenient locations. They carry a wide variety of designer strains. Many of them also sell edibles and concentrates. Some offer curbside pickup and delivery. Customers will need to present a valid government-issued ID to purchase cannabis products.

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