Saving on your gas and electricity costs is keeping everyone busy right now.

A price ceiling will be set from 1 January 2023. See also This news item


The price ceiling will be set to an average consumption of 2400 kWh and 1200 m3. Everything above that is calculated at the higher rate. That's why I'm going to try to fall below average consumption. I also hear that 50% of the Dutch population actually benefits from this help. If you don't have a gas connection and you only use electricity, you could exceed 2400 kWh. Sustainability does not pay off in that situation. Reducing gas consumption and using power instead doesn't pay off, while that's what's better for the environment.

Which part of the population do you belong to? Do you have something to do with this price ceiling or does it have no effect for you?

Save on your energy costs; the government helps

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