Scammers through sales sites

Selling over the Internet is quite tricky..

This morning, just in time, I felt that I was about to be ripped off for the umpteenth time,

wanted to tip marketplace.. was working on it and already got an email from themselves.


Yesterday via facebook the same story and in recent months more than once with antique pieces etc.

you really need to stay alert

NEVER give your mobile number... especially not with the more precious pieces and let them come home and pick them up in such a case!

Grateful that I was back in time

This camera is too kind to me for that.

and.. t is all in all a bargain with the brand new lenses

here anyone interested in this great camera? Or should it not be placed here?


The advertisement...

A beautiful Nikon D5100,

new price euro 369,00

with Tamron 18-200 lens

new price euro 252,00

Charger, battery, memory card and bag.

super sharp 16 megapixels photos.

Hoya HMC UV (G) lens 62 cm , new

Newprice euro 17,50

New Tamron sun canopy Aspherical (LD) XR Di 11

Newprice euro29,99

and a Nikon sun canop,

Newprice also euro 29,99

2 brand new lenses:

AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm 1:3 .5-5.6G VR (3.05 zoom)

Newprice euro 134,00

AF-S Nikkor 55-200mm 1:4 -5.6GII ED VR (3.67 zoom)

Newprice euro 359,00

Same photo quality as the Nikon D7000,

but with a fold-out screen.

Thanks to fold-out screen and fast focus and stabilized lens convenient for vlogging (full HD of course) .excl. Shipping costs euro 500,00

Shipping can, costs and risk buyer.

The Portuguese laurel cherries: a real insect blocker!
If you love living in your garden, make room for a Portuguese laurel cherry in your garden. In spring (from late April to somewhere in June) this hardy plant blooms with flower bunches of over ten centimeters. The flower bunches scents delicious, making them attract numerous insects. I sat there for about 15 minutes and photographed numerous visitors. As you get closer, a cloud of buzz rises up. But if you sit down for a while, they'll come back. Then if you move very carefully, you can get quite close with a camera. Especially butterflies and bees tend to fly away, but return when the coast turns out to be safe. More of my little paradise ? #naturephotography #photography #nature #garden  
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