Schumann Resonance... heartbeat of Mother Earth.

The brain in contact with the Earth

The Schuman frequency is also a resonance frequency of the human brain.

By measuring the brain waves of a human being using an electroencephalograph, it can be seen that the brain produces electromagnetic waves from 1 to 40 Hertz.

This spectrum is divided into four areas in medicine, which are associated with different states of consciousness:

1. Delta waves (1-3 hertz) are characteristic of dreamless deep sleep and comatose states.

2. Theta waves (4-7 hertz) are characteristic of dream sleep.

3. Alpha waves (8-12 hertz) occur in a relaxed state of vigilance, such as in meditation or shortly before falling asleep or immediately after awakening.

4. Beta waves (13-40 hertz) predominate in the normal waking state.

In humans, the Schuman frequency is close to the lower limit of the alpha range, that is, to the boundary between sleep and awakening.

In most mammals, it is even consistent with the basic brain frequency.

This is not a coincidence, but the result of millions of years of adaptation to the environmental conditions of the Earth.

Schuman frequencies therefore enable man to make direct contact with the earth with his consciousness and absorb information outside his five senses, for example if they are printed on such a Schuman wave.

To do this, he must of course achieve a state of consciousness in which his brain produces the right wavelengths, such as

B. in deep meditation or in the traditional rituals of many primitive peoples is the case.

Change of consciousness: does the Schumann frequency increase?

In spiritual circles there are many misconceptions about the nature and development of the Schuman frequency.

For example, it is said that this frequency would increase at this time and quickly reach values around 13 Hertz, which would awaken human consciousness.

We have interviewed the best experts in Schumann frequency worldwide, for example Prof. DAVIS SENTMAN (Fairbanks University, Alaska), Dr. EARLE WILLIAMS (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Dr. GABRIELLA SÁTORI (Academy of Sciences, Sopron, Hungary).

They agreed that these allegations are not substantiated by scientific facts.

But - and now comes the big, but - they have also confirmed to us that the Schuman waves are currently undergoing a process of change.

First of all, according to recent research results, it is no longer possible to talk only about the Schumann frequency, since there are several.

Not only does the Earth resonate on a single frequency, just a sound, but it actually sings a polyphonic magic song.

In addition to the elementary Schumann frequency of 7.83 hertz, more resonating vibrations could be identified, at least eight today.

The current values are around 8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39, 44 and 50 hertz.

Not only is the first Schuman frequency in an area to which the human brain is susceptible, but at least for the first six.

So that man is bombed not only with the “hypnotic” theta waves of almost 8 Hertz, but also with additional waves, all of which are located in the beta wave region, which are considered characteristic of the waking state.

As a whole, the Schumann waves tend to calm down and at the same time wake up the human brain.

The result is probably a state of brain synchronization that is difficult to imagine at the moment.

This higher state of consciousness is something much more powerful than anything people have been able to achieve with the help of meditative techniques.

One can perhaps best describe it as a state in which a person is both awake and asleep, in it he stands his normal daily consciousness with the ability to be critical, free will and the huge possibilities of the subconscious at the same time.

In this state, human consciousness transcends the fourth dimension - it becomes the master of time - and allows man to use abilities even on the day called “magic” a few centuries ago.

The current changes

The latest research results now show that Schuman frequencies are currently changing in two ways:

1. The intensity of the Schuman waves is steadily increasing, which is related to the increasing global warming and the resulting increased thunderstorm frequency.

So the earth slowly turns the magic song louder.

2. At the same time, the frequencies themselves are subject to considerable fluctuations, which according to current knowledge is also caused by the greenhouse effect.

For example, the lowest Schumann frequency today is no longer the 7,83 Hertz measured by Prof. König in the fifties, but for long parts of the year already near the “magic” limit of 8 Hertz, sometimes even above it.

We called this limit “magic” because it represents exactly the transition from the theta to the alpha frequencies.

Only then is it possible to make the mind-expanding effect of the Schumann resonance spectrum in its entirety fully effective, since the sleepy, that is, the consciousness-lowering effect of the theta waves is eliminated.

The highest frequency values occur in the summer months (the northern hemisphere), while in winter they fall slightly.

The trend is confirmed by examination of the second and third Schuman resonance frequencies.

Here, the seasonal fluctuations are even more noticeable.

They vary between 13.8 and 14.1 hertz and between 19.5 and 20.3 hertz.

This means that in our consciousness we are all increasingly moving towards a state of greatly increased alertness.

This is enhanced by the constant deterioration of the Earth's magnetic field.

First of all, this affects our subjective sense of time.

We experience our time as ever faster.

In the long term, however, we will no longer experience this state of consciousness as stress or even get sick as a result.

This is ensured by the calming alpha waves, which have the greatest intensity in the Schuman wave spectrum. Rather, it should be a very balanced, positive state of consciousness.


Everything indicates that, despite all global dangers, humanity is on the way to a new era of higher consciousness, not only on its own initiative but under the “magic chants” of the earth.

This transformation marks the transition from the age of matter to the era of frequencies.

Schuman frequencies allow people to connect with their consciousness in direct contact with the Earth.

We experience our time as ever faster.