Mysterious universe of ours


A vast expanding universe house billions galaxies,stars,planets, asteroids and here are we humans in a solar system of milky way galaxy facing all our eyes and telescopes to the vast sky searching for answers. Are we the only capable life form or just a life in one solar system of a milky way galaxy? This question has propelled all minds of earth to wonder around their imaginations and express their answers.

Modern humans have just existed over 200,000 years,a mere second compared to the 13.7 billion world universe. Scientists estimated around 17-40 billion earth like planets only on our milky way galaxy. The billion galaxies in this universe have many more planets enough to hang our minds. Still we could not find any signs of other life forms. We are failing at our every attempts to find another place like earth in this barren universe. But will we be evolved enough to see other life forms and are there any intelligent life forms out there which can find us? Or is this universe cruel and conscious enough to not let any life forms evolved enough to contact each other? The deeper we thought the more question arise but answers donot come easy and this mystery have eluded best of best minds till now.


Many scientists believe the universe started with big bang or expanding from a singular point. Like a dab of ink expanding across the paper, the universe is expanding along the fabric of space-time. But we are still short on answers on how the universe known as today formed with such galaxies and vast space. And the most shocking one is how life existed at first from lifeless universe?

The universe was all energy at its birth but cooled down enough to let matter exist. The temperature drop created simplest of simple matters and with the forces of nature into play, giant balls of matter formed. The balls then powered the universe and formed complex of complex matters which we know them as star. The visual universe took more form as it expanded and evolved for 13.7 billion years for us to see it with our eyes. But can we really see the universe as it is?


The universe we see is not the one of present. This presents further complications on our analysis of universe. Light rays travels at uniform speed through universe and the distance travelled by light in a year is called one lightyear. The observable universe is 93 billion lightyears and our milky way galaxy is between 100,000 to 150,000 lightyears. This means light from the edge of our galaxy takes 100,000 years minimum to reach us.

The events happening on universe during the development of modern humans is observed right now through our telescope. We look any direction and all we see is past. The sun we see is 8 min 20s old and many stars that we see maynot exist today. We see them twinkling in our skies but they maybe matter of past. How mysterious is our universe right? We have got so many questions unanswered on our quest to find that ultimate truth of our universe.


There are many theories for our existence.
Do you believe in
- big bang
- creation of god
- we are inside the simulation
- we are in minds of intelligent life forms
Leave them in comments. Let your opinions shared even if it as silly as it gets because anything about universe does not sound crazy.