"Hope still does what she is best at, hopes for better days to come soon,
for her love and dreams, for a family she needs. Imagine them together under neet the Oak tree, which pretends to be a Christmas tree - they are her gift, strangers she loves like a family." - said the narrator of the New World Challenge stories, that same Oak tree. She wrote a poem and read it out loud while the strings of her soul are playing a melody of Love.

To blowing winds of the four directions,
the North and South,
West and East,
A Great Spirit of Heaven from above,
Earth for the ground -
and You seventh - a Shaman -
Gives birth to a secret space
where time is non-existing,  
and possibilities are limitless.

Calling upon the miracles
while beating a drum,
finding strength for
courageous dreaming
from a heart,
"Oh, great Spirit hear
my voice today"
Winter solstice is just one Sundown away -
make Hope's deepest desire to be true -
a family from a book.


Secret space - New World for a Hope!