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Crafting monkey
Monkeys are great animals and nowadays monkeys are also very popular as home decor, school supplies, on clothes and other items. You can make a monkey from all kinds of materials, paper, toilet roll, clay, ironing beads, etc. On this page you'll find some examples that might give you inspiration to craft a monkey as well.  We don't make it too colorful and therefore start with the working method of the variegated monkey that you see at the top! Need: Empty (paint) tin, Wooly Curls fur patch, glue, piece of yellow or light brown foam rubber, 2 pieces of cardboard and the template. The size of the snout and ears, depends on the size of your tin, (wooden) tray or pot. The small can fits a snout of 6cm high. Cut 2 ears out of the cardboard. If necessary, place the cardboard on top of each other so you only have to cut 1x and immediately have 2 ears. Fold on the dotted line and glue the edge. Glue the ears to the can Measure the fur (at the back) by placing the tin on it and streaking with marker. Cut the strip Glue 1 ear on both sides. Start pasting the fur strip on the back of the ear. Fold the fur inward and then stick the front of the ear. Stick the fur on the front of the tin, then front and back of the other ear. Then the back of the can and right at the back of the ear, cut off the fur straight. Place the template on yellow or light brown foam rubber and cut out the shapes. If you don't, it can also be done on felt, fabric or paper. Cut the eyes out of the printable and glue them. Draw nostrils and mouth with black permanent marker. It's time for the hairdresser! Feel with your fingers where the cardboard is from the ears and cut off the excess fur so that the shape of the ears appears! Isn't it cutie? Pens or pencils can be used in the monkey tin, but it's also nice to fill the can with. banana candies! Of course, other candies can also be put in, and the lid can close you completely so that you really “can”. Give the monkey as a gift or keep it yourself, but if you have made it yourself, you must be APETROTS! Curious about the materials used? Click on the photo for more info: Wooly Curl fur patches in 3 colors: More info Empty (paint) cans in 3 sizes: More info Collall all slime: More info Cocky monkeys treats - Read more Crafting a monkey on a stick - with popsicle sticks - Read more How to craft a monkey? - Read more Craft a monkey from a toilet roll - with printable - Read more Crafting wild animals from cardboard - Read more Free crochet monkey - Read more Free crochet pattern jungle finger puppets - Read more See more at Yoors? Then first sign up with Yoors (free and without obligation)! - Click here to sign up #monkey   #monkeyknutselen   #craftingmonkey   #monkeycrafts   #monkeyje   #tinkering   #bont   #bonteap   #tinplate   #canning   #monkeyjes