Self Care Tips for Mental Health

Self care refers to the care of the self including all dimensions i.e. physical, emotional, social, etc. It means taking time to do things for yourself which helps you improve your overall health. It also promotes living well. It is about acknowledgement and acceptance of self care. It is an ongoing practice which focuses on the betterment of the person. There are various types of self care such as physical, personal, social, emotional and mental. Everyone needs self care but everyone needs a unique care which may differ from person to person because it depends on specific needs and circumstances.
We can do different activities in our lives for self care. There are times when we may feel that we are not good enough. To overcome such thoughts and beliefs we need to understand the selflessness of self care. By bringing self care into our lives, we become more responsible and careful for others’ cares as well. Physical and mental care goes hand in hand. Sometimes, we lag in understanding the importance of mental health. Let’s understand some self care tips to improve mental health.

1.    Practice gratitude: Gratitude is the process of being thankful to everything one has or receives. It helps in staying positive in life. You can do it in the morning after waking up or before sleeping in a peaceful environment.

2.    Have proper sleep: Having proper sleep to relax your mind is important. Sleeping for enough hours allows your body and mind to recharge. The brain faces difficulty to function properly if it does not get proper sleep.

3.    Practice breathing with focus: While breathing in and out, bring your focus on your breath. It brings you close to your inner self. This helps to reduce stress and agitation. It also keeps you calm.

4.    Practice yoga: Practicing yoga on a regular basis helps you connect with yourself. It helps in staying fit physically and mentally. As it works on incorporation of breath and mediation, it helps in improving mental wellbeing.

5.    Set goals and priorities: Understand your priorities and goals, set them and then work on them. Doing this helps you stay attentive and lead you down paths to achieve them.

6.    Focus on your strength: Practicing on your strength and working on your weaknesses helps you bring the best out of you. You become positive, calm and focused.

7.    Minimize use of social media: Try to minimize the use of social media and stop using unwanted things on your gadgets. It keeps your mind active on unwanted things and creates disturbance. Therefore, having a break with your phone is important.

One may try out these things to work on mental health because self care is the key to healthy life and happiness. We should understand that we should be a priority to ourselves, then only we can be productive in office, supportive to people around and lovable to our near and dear ones. We must not forget ourselves in the course of our daily lives.

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