#weekend #birthday #reflection

Hello friends of this community, today I want to talk about the true happiness that we have so much difficulty accepting, self-love, is not going down the street with a smile on our face, it is a decision we make about the way we face life. Having self-love implies feeling full and satisfied, happy with what little I have for some and how much I have for others, and that is that happiness is not based on what material you can have but on the emotional, feeling good about yourself, satisfied with the things you do, rejoice for each day and value every moment with the people you give surround for me that is the summary is, to enjoy health to have a beautiful daughter, a good companion, an excellent friend who is also my biological sister a good brother-in-law, and it is very tasty to walk through life enjoying, traveling, taking pictures and posting showing a spectacular life on the net
it's social, it's great to have a lot of likes but life isn't based on that it's not based on what you post is social media.

Let's learn to give value to real, breathe, love, dream, I give thanks for having another year of life, especially for having the ability to feel good about me to accept me.

That is why I know that I have love, my own when I decide for myself what is right and not what I want at the moment, self-love is to be clear that you need the best.