I have remained anonymous till now on Yoors. Yoorsies know me as some creator from Nepal only. The reason behind anonymous is i hate posting pictures. I am reluctant to share pictures.

And the main reason is i dont want to be linked by my posts. Maybe i feel my posts as inferior or something, i hate adding my name and pictures to them. My all poems,stories to all sites have been anonymous to name 'Just read'. 2021 changes that and it changes here on Yoors. My real name is Pardeshi Khadka. Pardeshi meaning foreigner in Nepali.

Brain is visual seeker. You can hear words,see words and feel it. My posts here on Yoors must have made some of you to create your own image on head of mine. Did you find me as that exact image on your head?

The header photo is crop of the photo below of my selfie. I think @Domz do these photos. I wanna thank him for this amazing illustration. Hope he wont mind my crop.