Sell All

We all have these months when you barely make it, the month is longer than your payslip.
You need extra to go on holiday, build your garden, buy Christmas gifts or make an extra installment. Anyway, anyone can think of a savings goal. But how do you create extra income?

You can run extra shifts, you can work a few extra hours somewhere for a while, you use all your savings tips you know. (don't you know them? Read my other posts about #besparen )

But how do you get instant #cash in your hand?

Sell, sell, sell!!!

Everyone but everyone has stuff that they no longer use.
Clean up your house, I don't mean just clean up, but “decluttering “, get rid of your mess. Go through your house systematically. From attic to basement, from room to room, from garage to garden house. I'm 100% sure there's something in between that can be sold. You need money, so you better be strict. Delutter with the idea that if you haven't used it in the past year you will not use the next year either. Or every piece you sell brings you closer to your goal.
Sell as much as possible until the kids think they're next 😜🤣

I mean, you have a purpose, you need money, sell that stuff.
Every euro counts. All the tools you have double and can sell for 5€ on or marketplace, clothing or toy that is still sufficient to sell for 10€ on 'Vinted'.
Really, before you know it, you'll have cash in your hands.

Install the Apps for free, be guided by recommended product pricing, trade fairly and quickly.

Last month I earned about 500€ on and Vinted.

Let me know your experiences, I'm curious.