Sexy Summer Clothes, when does sexy turn slutty?

(English version of my Dutch blog  as requested by some friends)

Dear reader it is Summer :)

And for or me, there is no better time than the summertime! Especially if you have the right clothes to wear.

But that raises the question "What to wear?"

What looks hot on me, what can I wear and get away with? And what should I definitely avoid wearing during summer?

I´m personally very careful with what I wear, I am quite chubby and prefer not to wear clothes that expose too much of me.

But I love it when I see shorts on other girls (slim and chubby like me). It always makes me  feel like "I want that too.” But at the same time, I shudder as I imagine how it would look on me, which is probably horrible.

Unfortunately, I do not have the guts nor the money to just buy it and try it. But who knows, maybe someday I will find the girl balls to wear it;).

But what do you think dear reader about those hot pants that expose the lower part of your butt cheeks, is that just now, or just slutty? And those (beautiful) girls wearing a tiny bikini in places other than the beach? They look awesome, but would you go anywhere but the beach in a bikini?

What about that fat girl that is showing way too much skin? And those very slender young girls, that haven´t developed their curves yet, but are wearing clothes made for a fully developed body.

When does it get to be too much, when do you laugh and when would you actually say something about it?

I find it difficult to determine what´s hot and what´s not, especially for myself. But I also struggle with if and how I would tell a friend or even a stranger that what he/she´s wearing is just a bit too summerish?

So dear reader can you tell me what you think is hot and what is too much and please be honest? Don´t get all politically correct on me as you all gossip about what other people wear, which is perfectly normal btw. Opinions do not necessarily have to be correct. Honesty also has its beauty. And I  am so curious to hear what you would do or say. Or do you just stare and smirk?

And if you happen to be a person who wears the kind of clothing that I mentioned above, it´s nothing personal :) I just used these examples, but I would love to hear where you found the guts to just wear it.

And if you have a completely different choice of summer clothes, please share and inspire us?


Because my blogs are often very open and about my personal experiences in the world of sexuality and sensuality I do not post them on my own Social Media.

But my guess is that there are many young women out there just like me wanting to share their experiences, or read about ours. Hence if you agree feel free to share my blogs once in a while.

Sharing helps!

                                                                               Bless you Denise, x