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Need to clear your mind? try this...

Need to clear your mind? try this...

Hi everyone, I'm back with a new tip of the day.

Do you sometimes feel low and just angry at yourself because you think too much? I've got that issue many times and I think I'm not the only one. 2 years ago, I went to a mental coach because I had some confidence problems and problems with placing my feelings. I couldn't sleep for hours because of my nightmares or just laying awake because of the thoughts that would rush through my mind about what people could say about me just how mean people can be to others. I was so exhausted that it had been enough and I wanted to do something about it! I began to search for a way to sleep better and to reduce the thoughts. I tried several things but nothing really worked, until I've found these three yoga-exercises. You can do this to sleep better or just during the day to clear your mind, some exercises are possible at every single moment.

First we have the 1:2 "Ratio breathing":

In other words: you'll make your exhalation twice as long as your inhalation. This ensures that your thoughts will not rage through your mind anymore. Your attention is with your breathing, and your breathing is slow so your nervous system will also calm down. You will switch over from active to relaxed, from the day to the night. This exercise is really effective and easy to do.

Seconde there is "counting":

There are several exercises and variations that you can do with counting. the most easy exercise to relax before you go to sleep is the one where you're counting is this one... 

Before you actually begin with counting I recommend you to inhale and exhale deeply a few times. Let the weight of the day fall from your shoulders. Check every part of your body and give all the physical, mental and emotional tensions the moment of attention that they deserve and make them relaxed. The next thing you do is counting. Start at number 1000 and count down to 0. It's important that you commit yourself to continue counting all the way to 0, don't stop until you're there. This intention is important but in practice, you'll probably never get to 0. I usually end somewhere around 700-800 before falling asleep. A effective exercise to replace your thoughts.

Last but not least "Yoga Nidra":

Nidra means sleep. Yoga Nidra is therefore also known as the sleep of Yogis. Although in Yoga Nidra it is not the intention to fall asleep, you will definitely sleep better after this exercise.

In order to get as much as possible from the exercise, it's always indicated that you should try to stay awake. So this can cause conscious deep relaxation without sleeping. But because you'll put your body both physical, mental and emotional in deep relaxation, it's a good idea to do Yoga Nidra for example before you go to sleep. So that you can sleep deeply right after the exercise.

The link right besides this paragraph is one of the many Yoga Nidra-guides but you can take another one as well. Just lay down, relax and listen to the sounds that will bring your body in a relaxation.

I hope you'll enjoy reading and trying this!

Kisses, Shari 💋