She's the bunny

The Easter Bunny..

If I post this post, it's just Easter. A feast where, as a Christian, I think of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Death is conquered, His grave was empty. And I think that's definitely worth a party too.

Many other people think about eggs and the Easter Bunny at Easter. I had to dwell on that when I saw this picture on Instagram . It literally says: Happy Easter from this Easter Bunny. So it's obvious that Isabella is really the hare.

Is that crazy? You might say you didn't, if you knew what she might be doing behind the scenes. But in the books it is also possible to read, that she has the best interests for others. I'm actually curious how she's gonna get out of this awkward situation.. No doubt because of her hastily enthusiasm...


The word for this month in the @140woorden challenge is bookworm .

Is Isabella, do you think??

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