Shelves and donkeys... H N Y

Would it then in 2021...?? 🙏
The boards are ready, the platform for the yourte. Feel like a donkey in front of the cart chasing a rod with carrot. Or rather: a stubborn donkey that keeps running hard, but I can't get that root. Even if I do my best.

Is it an exercise in thankful? Is it an exercise in patience? Is it an exercise in perseverance? Is it a balancing exercise? Maybe it's just our path.

Building permission voicemail
Notary does not record
Excavator still not available

Tralalalala, what to do? Right, the donkey is standing still and so is the carrot. Maybe just stick out my tongue once?


No matter what (not) happens, always smile
= Exercise

Happy New Year, dear people, good luck with all the challenges that will come along this year. Or maybe they have already knocked on the door, after all it is day 4 of 2021.:)

Ps: donkeys are fun!
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My designs of the last year
Some examples of my designed thumbnails - #designchallenge   To participate in the design challenge I thought it would be nice to show you some pictures of what I made in the last year ^^! First and foremost, we have the one I am personally very proud of! This was made for a web series when the time was. I had to beat this giant snake in the series. The reason I'm so proud of this is because of the work that was in it. On the left is the image I designed and on the right is the snake I used as an asset. As you can see, in front of the snake there was a man I had to get rid of. Of course when you cut out a part this is just gone in photoshop, so I had to fill in the teeth and the mouth manually. So you can see that there's often hours of work in something you can't even see ^^ This one is also one of my personal favorites! This was for a show with a very good friend of mine. In the series we played the game “Raft” and the game “Sea of Thieves”. We had a lot of fun and we could have taken this picture that I had edited later than ^^ Of course, one grows in the hobbies and passions that one does. With this I would like to show you a designed image that I am not so proud of, especially... This one, it was one of my first images for Peaceful Potato. Personally, I'm not a fan of it.. It also doesn't fit in the style I normally do and the proportions look a bit awkward. I am happy with the progress I have already made. I personally think of myself that you can clearly see here that I have grown a lot and improved in creating thumbnails. As the last thumbnail I would like to show, we have. This one was fun to make with that it was for my community. In my community, we have a game that we play where people can represent games and I play it. Of course there are fun games in between but also games like “My Little Pony” that they suggested to mess with me a bit in a funny way! I think you can clearly see that I have a certain style, I am quite proud of the fact that I can make this but I am also aware that I have a lot to learn ^^ Hieronder kan je nog een paar voorbeelden zien, hopelijk vind je het wat! ^^
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Allesandro Safina - Luna
#allesandrosafina #luna #piano #onlyplan #electrischepiano #music #song #mane #yoorsvideo This afternoon it was time to study a song more closely and to practice for the first time. This one's been in my head for a week. I still think it's a great song after all these years.. Allesandro Safina in the chorus of this number will open all registers. Chicken pevel! But how are you going to do that on piano? I'm still working on it.. This is already a solo piano video, but I'm also trying to see if I can can also record still with strings sound as background. Then I want to play the strings first and then improvise with piano through. Playing and learning is so fun! Have a lot of listening. This time I chose an electric piano with this song.