Shenny- I'm free

Vocal:Shenny(Yorsmember Sabrina)

Keyboard/Piano:Martin Vandenberghe (+)

Photo clip:Photototal

Header photo:Pixabay


I'm Free, to do what I want

I'm free, to see what I need to see and it's you

You're all that I want

You and me, we will be together

Because I'm free

The lyrics come from the original version of Ellen Dufour.

This is the original version, a dance number:

The acoustic version ofI'm free was specially produced for the VTM Programme 'Blind date'.

I've been working for some time forD&D productions, when I was asked to be a stand-in day for the well-known television dating program.

A contestant had an accident. It was just a period of leave and the reserve candidates were all on vacation. That's why they sought in their list of regular noblemen a woman of my age, who could replace the contestant a few days later.

To be honest, I didn't feel like this at all. Participating in a dating program is quite different from participating in popular TV soaps, but I was literally driven into the assignment under light pressure. The producer who contacted me late at night said without any embarrassment if I refused this depannage, I would not get any more orders from their production house.

Not only did I have to be present at the recording studio, but the candidates were also expected to cobble up a personal act in case they made the second round.

For me, the choice was made quickly. I had been on television regularly, but never as a singer, so I took the opportunity to share this piece of talent with television watching Belgium.

I wanted to bring a song that was very suitable and adapted to the Blind date program. Moreover, the TV act was allowed to last a maximum of 1 minute, so my regular stage songs were not suitable.

The textI'm free, known from Ellen Dufour, I found quite suitable, only I found trance music not so suitable for this particular TV show.

I went to my best friend, Martin Vandenberghe, songwriter, singer and musician and asked for a romantic piano version.

And so this song was born.

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