~Shikoba ~

~ FEMININE & also very ancient, martriarchial sisterhood, WISDOM ~
Reviving Ancient Sisterhood is a crucial step for us, women, to stand up against partriarchy as it is right now, we are change, we are capable of change, we all need to wake up to this very crucial fact, and that starts with deprogramming old princess conditioning, and unite as females, not being self absorbed and jealous 'bitches' !
Happy Freya Day to all Yoors females, and males too :p ;) :D
With love, gratitude and care,
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#shikoba #wisdom #sisterhood #unitingwomen #matriarchy  

By the way...
Meaning, origin and usage of the word Shikoba
Usage: Native American, Choctaw
Meaning & History:
Means "feather" in Choctaw.