Shooting people

Shooting people #scharrelmens

#Freeform man During the Vrijmowa last week we went for coffee at the city nomads on the sugar grounds. The vote was somewhat defeated. The day before, they had been told by the judge that they had to leave the premises. That is, if the bailiff comes by, they get a week to leave. Where to? Nobody knows that. There's no place for them. Meanwhile, they live on the premises for 2 years. They are completely self-sufficient and all have a job or are independent entrepreneurs. They don't stand in anyone's way and they're not a burden. Why then, after two months of reflection, comes a decision from the judge that they should leave on such short notice? Incomprehensible, they find. The site becomes compensation area because it will be built elsewhere in the neighbourhood and the 'rare' animals can find a safe way to get there. #City #nomads are free-range people. They live their own lives, in harmony with nature around them.. They are totally undemanding in terms of luxury or stuff. Often they are creatives and build their own homes on wheels, often with waste from others. They have solar panels and build a vegetable garden. Each has its own place but also a joint place for consultation, food, sociability, coffee etc. Their story grabbed me. I've been confused for a few days. It made me feel again how I was sent away with my friend and our ships. From one place to another. Beneficient officials who make promises, but when it comes to being in the grip of the system. Like that time in Friesland, where we were allowed to provide a number of locations where we would like to lie. Carefully we made a list. We drove around and examined the possibilities. We've been working on it for three months. We always tried to make an appointment with an official so that we wouldn't do unnecessary work. The appointment was always canceled and postponed. Eventually we went sailing to a place that was of the municipality and where no destination was. According to local residents and acquaintances, nothing happened there for years. An hour after we moored, a car arrives with a very angry man. Turns out he bought the property from the municipality the week before. Then I broke, and in pure despair, I called the church crying. During the conversation with the officials the following week, the other locations were also wiped out one by one. Unfortunately, they did not come up with an alternative. Luckily we were able to get a spot in the free port of Groningen with one ship. The other ships found a spot nearby. The harbour master there was impressed by our ships and our story and wanted to be our sake. He was supposed to help us find a place. Unfortunately, he was transferred. Nevertheless, we continued to look for a place where we could carry out our joint activities. My friend restoring sailing heritage and sailing with it and I yoga, unhurrying, silence. Away from the race of the 21st century, our slogan has been 20 years. So again in the pen and in conversation. And yes again benevolent officials, they even wanted to make a pilot of us. We investigated 11 spots, and these too were systematically swept off the table. These are two pieces of stories of city nomads and of myself. I can write a book full of it, and maybe I will. It's not the individual people, they're good. But the system is log and does not take into account people who do not fit in boxes. But the system is made by people, so it can also be changed by people. That is why I would like to make an appeal to the individual official. Please talk to free-range people, free-range people and make plans together. Don't talk about them. Talk to them. They have as many rights as any other inhabitant of this world. They just pay taxes, work and take care of their neighbors. Free range people also need space, just like free-range chickens and free-range pigs. Even if they don't fit in a booth, give them space.