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At Ingrid's invitation - part 3 (conclusion)


Dear readers, that concludes the text I wrote at the invitation of @Ingrid Tips en meer !

Thank you for all your support and comments!


...(he began to feel nauseous, but made an effort to stay alert)...she really cared for him and hoped he would give a good answer. Besides, The Experiment would not imply any more violence or pain than one has to endure in one’s own life.

With bitter irony he asked if he could trust her in this respect.

Her eyes sparkling again, she replied he would find the answer himself.

And then they stood in silence.

After a long minute, he began to speak.

He said that he would never volunteer for a project to track and control pacifist minds; that she had presented a pitiful prospect of human evolution and all he wanted was to forget about what she said and that they ever met.

He started to walk in the direction from which they had come when his body fell helplessly to the ground.

Through a haze he saw that a thin layer of clouds began to slip and blur the moon and that the tree branches were reaching out as far as possible.

“To scratch that moon and hide it from the human eye” – he thought, before it was all over.

The woman waited for a while, before projecting luminous signs with the eyes in the direction of the building.

Then, she rubbed her eyes and hands, passed between the trees and left towards the city.

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