Sick 'Fleur' (5) ☀️ of my day.

Sick 'Fleur' went viral while singing and sang Psalm 42 with dedication.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful child.
I watched it several times in a row and experienced a great love, a love that God loves.
Somewhere in Matthew it says that even children will praise Him.
I now also see David's son rising to an admirable height by this beautiful little girl.

I wonder how she's doing and if she's still allowed to be among us
Despite leukemia, she shows strength, right through the pain!

Yes, I'm really wondering how this pretty little girl is doing, but whatever it may be, I'm sure her message will never go away.
My heart was so touched by her voice this morning that my whole day will shine like a charm.

Yes, you know when a child, so sick, so beautifully inspired and moved, knows how to sing about our creator, then I really can't control my heart anymore.

Then on my face a smile is created that at least won't go off today.

And I'll take the warm sunny rays that this pretty little girl has passed on to me for the rest of my life.

by: a Voice of Thoughts 💭

For her video (don't know if I can share it), just look on the net for: how are you doing with sick-fleur-who-singing-viral-went

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