signoradeifiltri.blog is a collective blog.
This is a blog of many voices, where each writer writes what he/she wants, on the subject he/she prefers, without any obligations or timetables to be met. It can be anything, from photos, videos, personal reflections, to poems, stories, travel accounts, reviews of books and films. It’s like many blogs into one, a mix between a magazine, a website of literary criticism, and a personal blog.
It is voluntary and unpaid.
The only requirements are seriousness and that the editors are able to write in proper Italian or English.
To enter our team you must first send a sample of your writing to the address
if you are accepted you can then start work
Some simple rules:
Write what you want, all topics are welcome, from recipes to gardening, with a preference for cultur. Enter freely reviews of books and films, critical essays, but also short stories, poems, personal reflections, opinions, travel diaries, photos, videos, considerations of your personal experiences and your profession.
We will not accept text of insulting, profane, racist, defamatory or pornographic content.
Signe with your name, or a pseudonym that you will maintain in all your articles.
You will be solely responsible for what you write, your social or political opinions.
The length of the article is to your liking, we recommend to watch out for spacing and punctuation.
We are wating for you!

signoradeifiltri.blog is waiting for you