hey Yoors guys!

As you will see, this beautiful #Cat I have #adopted .
It's been a long time, it wasn't today. But I still love her too much.
#Her name is #Simba , like the name of the Title I have put.

I've been through so many #beautiful times with her, as well as difficult times.
It was very sad for me to see her in a pitiful condition on the streets of my city. So I took it, and I keep it to this day. She was abandoned on the streets, #Thank God nothing bad happened to her when she was just a beautiful #baby cat.

And ... I show you this beautiful image that was taken by this afternoon. I love the different #flexible positions that my cat is able to do to sleep, so I took this photo. I found her sleeping on her favorite sofa in my home. That now it is no longer my #body who enjoys sitting there, but my curious cat that has taken the #throne from me to take it as a comfortable sofa to sleep hahaha.

From what little I know, my cat belongs to the #European shorthair breed. I don't #know if you know what she is.
Do you have a European shorthair cat?

If you do not know what kind of breed I am talking about in this content, you are invited to search for it on #Google , you will get a variety of images of this beautiful feline breed.

The European common cat is a breed of cat, as its name suggests, originally from Europe, probably a descendant of the #African wildcat and the# jungle cat. It was recognized as a breed on January 1, 1983. The felines of this breed are strong and have strong immune systems. They are robust but not plump, and their fur is short, dark, and plush. They can live up to 15 #years of Cat #Life .#Animal