#reviewed The film tells the story of a fishing boat owner whose quiet existence and purpose is upended when his ex-wife (Anne Hathaway) returns and asks him to kill her violent husband in exchange for a large sum of money (Jason Clarke).

The footage is the clear sign that the key to the success of a film production is to make a solid script, and not especially to use actors who are very mediatic. Unfortunately it pointed to the worst films of the year at its premiere, the idea is really interesting and original but it lacks order in its development and that is why it falls into the abyss, the unremarkable thing is the acting (which is not that good) Matthew McConaughey , the rest of the cast for oblivion. With a better order of ideas, you can take advantage of this story to develop a better film product.

Although this is fiction, I believe that in any part of the world you can see this type of thing, even if we do not believe it, sometimes in relationships there is anger, hatred and unease where we end up making the worst decisions.

In the same way I invite you to see it so that you can argue your opinion.

Image taken from filmaffinity

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