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Shen Mei is angry about Shen Feng, but there is no reason to interfere, and we all know that Shen Feng is a stubborn donkey character, the greater the resistance, the more energetic he is! Shen Mei grabbed Zhou Xiaoan, "you have a good brain, hurry to think of a way to help me!"! Two fools are stupid, but he has no bad heart, can not let him give Zhou Xiaoling harm! Zhou Xiaoan also wants to help Shen Feng, "this matter must look for the opportunity, cannot be too urgent.". You can rest assured that they can make their own decisions when they get engaged. If Ding Yueyi doesn't nod, they won't get married! Ding Yueyi must drag on and refuse to tie the knot! Zhou Xiaoan guessed very right, do not know how Ding Yueyi said, anyway, the next day Mayor Shen went to find Shen Yuehai to understand the situation. Shen Yuehai knew that Ding Yueyi was borrowing a knife to kill people, or told Mayor Shen realistically, "I broke off relations with Zhou Xiaoling a long time ago because of her bad conduct." Mayor Shen had a deep talk with Shen Feng for this. The result was that Shen Feng came to Zhou Xiaoan in private. "Sister Xiaoan,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, I know you and General Shen have a misunderstanding about Xiaozhou. It can't be solved for the time being. But can you give Xiaozhou a chance to let my parents get along with her without any prejudice?" Zhou Xiaoan smiled, so euphemistic, Shen Feng wanted to tie his brain and would not say such a thing, it must be taught by Zhou Xiaoling! As soon as he saw it, he knew that Shen Feng did not believe Shen Yuehai's words at all. He thought that Shen Mei and Zhou Xiaoan had misunderstood Zhou Xiaoling, so he let Shen Yuehai deliberately undermine Zhou Xiaoling. Zhou Xiaoan was very speechless, and it was estimated that Shen Feng was also puzzled and speechless about her and Shen Mei. He believed that their prejudice against Zhou Xiaoling was deeply rooted. They thought that he was blind and confused by Zhou Xiaoling. They all think that the other side is biased and there is no way to communicate. Mayor Shen's attitude toward his children has always been very democratic. He did his best to inquire about Shen Feng and said his own opinion. Whether he listened or not was not his concern. So Shen Feng came back and turned around,shuttle rack system, dropped a big bomb on his family, and went to the front line of his revolutionary construction triumphantly. And Shen Mei also out of the month, the first thing is to take Yao Yunlan, who has recovered very well in the sanatorium, to see the child. Yao Yunlan saw Shen Yuehai again. < DT > Jiao Jiao Ru Qing said Chinese New Year's Eve. To bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new. I hope you and Jiao Jiao will enter the New Year with hope and luck. Let the new year be full of harvest with hard work and good luck. There will always be a good company around you. Chapter 681 territory Yao Yunlan's illness has been carefully nursed back to health in the sanatorium for a year, and she has basically recovered. She has returned to normal in dealing with people and things, and looks a little fatter than before. However, she had forgotten that she had committed suicide in despair after meeting Ding Yueyi when she came back from Qingshan County. Her world was back to what it used to be. When she saw the Shen family, she was no longer afraid of rejection. She even asked Shen Mei if there were any mung beans at home the first thing she came back. Every summer, what she misses most is that Shen Changsheng is easy to get inflamed and wants to drink mung bean water. Shen Mei listened to the doctor's instructions, did not dare to ask her before and after the suicide, the heart was so angry that she had to find mung beans for her, pallet rack shelving ,push back racking system, let her watch the stove on a hot day, sweating to boil mung bean water for Shen Changsheng. As soon as Zhou Xiaoan came, Shen Mei couldn't help it, pulling her to complain in a low voice, "cured is to continue to be an old maid for Mayor Shen?"? It might as well not be good! Zhou Xiaoan was thinking about another thing. How much does Yao Yunlan remember about that memory? Do you remember your son? Will she notice anything when she sees Shen Yuehai? Without waiting for her to finish worrying, Shen Yuehai had already gone to the kitchen to turn around and come out, holding a bowl of mung bean water with rock sugar in his hand to Zhou Xiaoan, while Yao Yunlan quietly stayed by the stove and did not come out. Zhou Xiaoan really can not hold back his curiosity, when he went back, he has been observing Shen Yuehai's expression, but he did not say a word, until Zhou Xiaoan to sleep, he said goodbye to leave without mentioning a word. Zhou Xiaoan closed his eyes and pulled the tiger's tail. On a hot day, there was a hairy meat ball on his neck. It was so hot that he was sweating and could not escape.
The little tiger can let the little bear anything, that is, it is not allowed to touch anything in its exclusive position. The little bear is really tough. It can run back tenaciously and stick it on her neck no matter how far it is thrown by the little tiger. Especially when sleeping, if Zhou Xiaoan doesn't care about these two guys, they can toss about it all night. Zhou Xiaoan has no way, can only one side, often wake up in the middle of the night to the heat, can only comfort themselves, until the winter is good, neck two fur collar, certainly warm. Tiger's big tail is always hairy and fleshy, holding it in his hand is particularly solid. Zhou Xiaoan pulled it for a while and felt a little more comfortable. He closed his eyes and said to himself, "Uncle must not be uncomfortable. I don't feel uncomfortable. He's still in the mood.." I was also in the mood to ask her for a super-long good-night kiss, which was not like the feeling of life experience at all. Zhou Xiaoan was sad in recent days because of his father, and he didn't want his uncle to experience such pain at all. In a daze, she pulled the whole cat away from the little bear on her neck, and Zhou Xiaoan felt a figure beside her bed! She was so frightened that she quickly stuffed the tiger and the bear into the towel quilt, hugged her hands and hurriedly hid behind her, half of which she reacted and looked at the bedside again, "Uncle!"! You scared me to death! When did you come in?! Shen Yuehai was amused by her reaction, "when you were talking about whether I was sad or not." Then he couldn't hold back and laughed out loud. "If the bad guys are really coming, why are you hiding them?"? So you can protect them? As soon as Zhou Xiaoan loosened his hand, the little bear fell out of the quilt first, rolled twice and ran back to lie down next to her. She looked enviously at the tiger, who could find a comfortable position to sleep wrapped in the quilt, and smiled,asrs warehouse, refusing to mention the foolish thing she had done in a hurry. "I just said it casually, no other meaning." Then use offense as defense. "How did you get in?"? Why don't I know anything about it? Shen Yuehai did not have the consciousness of breaking into the girl's boudoir at night. He turned on the lamp and sat beside her bed. "I thought it would be better to tell you tonight, otherwise you might not sleep well." So I turned back halfway.