Renesmee was mad - at the world, at her nature but most of all at her parents. Who were they to ground her for supposedly "stuffing her face as if she was a pig"? According to her, it was a dumb reason to do so.

For the rest of the week, she was not allowed to use any technological devices. Yet, she could hang out with Jacob (and sometimes the wolf pack) whenever she pleased. How was that a punishment? Those were the moments she wished she was a normal girl - even her punishments weren't like everybody else's!

If she went to school, just like the teenagers in the movies and in the books she had consumed in the past years, she would feel more entertained, she would have an actual purpose, she supposed so, having been taught by her family through all of her life.

Without even bothering to knock on the door, Bella burst into her daughter's bedroom and announced that Jacob was coming to pick her up and to take her to the town.

The young girl raised her head from her diary where she was scribbling and frowned: "Am I not grounded? Doesn't this mean I am not allowed to do anything except to stay in my room?"

Bella chuckled, "Just go get ready and hurry up!"

With that, she shut the door closed, not seeing how her daughter was shaking her head while pulling a tank top over her head.

In no time, Jacob had arrived in his crummy car, called "The Rabbit" - his pride, his second most cherished thing (after Renesmee, of course). On what seemed to be his thousand honks, Renesmee finally came out, carrying a small bag. Eyeing the bag, Jacob couldn't help but raise his eyebrows, "What are you even carrying here?", he asked, curious.

Renesmee smirked at him before putting her seatbelt on and opening the bag to reveal makeup. She pulled open the car mirror and continued doing her makeup since she hadn't had enough time to finish it at home.

The shapeshifter was barely holding back his laugh, trying to focus on the road at the same time, "What do you think you're doing? Are you seriously going to smack yourself with makeup right now? You know how bumpy the road is."

"Duh - it's called beautifying yourself," she sounded almost like a robot as she was fixing her eyeshadow and continued with lipstick later on.

Jacob couldn't help but shake his head and clack his tongue. He hadn't seen such thing even from his own sisters. And he could swear that they were obsessed with makeup.

An hour spent in dipping french fries in milkshakes later, Renesmee and Jacob had sat on the coastal street, watching the tourists passing by, the smell of sea reminding them that the beach season had recently started and they still hadn't gone for a swim.

Renesmee was feeling bored - sure, she was outside, with Jacob, and the weather was lovely, but she missed her phone. She wanted to know how Theo was. Perhaps he was worried about her as she was as well?

She turned to Jacob. A plan had formed in her mind.

"Give me your phone," she commanded him as if he was a lapdog.

Jacob wasn't going to give in that easily, "Why do you need it? Where's yours?"

"Does it matter? It's not with me, now give me yours!", she screeched.

People had turned to stare at the youth, wondering what was going on. Realizing that she had attracted unwanted attention, Renesmee forced her best acting abilities, "Please?", she pleaded like a child, widening her eyes and pouting.

Jacob squeezed his lips into a thin line, before grunting and taking his phone out of his pocket, unlocking it before handing it to his imprint, who squealed from joy and immediately took off to 7Cups to log in. She was too engrossed in catching up with Theo that she was not even listening to Jacob's stories about his friends and his work.

A peal of loud laughter interrupted Jacob as he was telling her about his dad's troubles - his dad, Billy Black, had diabetes and his condition was worsening. But, at this moment, Renesmee could care less about anything else that didn't involve Theo.

With a raised eyebrow and a confused look on his face, Jacob turned to his to see what was so amusing to her, "What are you laughing at?"

"None of your business!", she exclaimed skittishly, covering the screen of the phone with her palm. Who was he to sneak up on her like that? Especially when she was trying to converse with a friend?

"If you have forgotten, little Miss, the phone is mine," he snatched it from her hands and before she could even protest, he had already focused his eyes on the chat he could see on the screen, "What the hell is this? Who are you talking to?"

Renesmee shrugged, "A friend?"

Jacob's eyes focused on the girl in front of him, fury and worry mixing in them, "Why are you talking to strangers online?"

"Why not?", she shrugged, chuckling as if it was no big deal.

But for Jacob, it was. "Are you kidding me?!", he raised his voice, almost startling Renesmee who had never heard him sound like that, "Haven't you been taught the rules about online safety? What if that person behind the screen is a paedophile waiting for his next victim?"

"Pfft," Renesmee waved her hand in negligence, "Not everyone online is a predator, Jacob. I thought you knew better than this."

He jumped from where he was standing, the fire and fury in his eyes prevailing, "No, I thought you knew better than to risk your life like this! That's it, I'm telling your parents!"

With that, he was about to call Bella on speed dial, when Renesmee also jumped from her seat, letting herself free by shouting. Oh, how stupid she was for thinking it was doing something! Raising her voice was never the answer to defending herself. But she hadn't been alive for long enough to know that yet.

"Oh, and what are you going to tell them?", she mocked his voice: "Your daughter is talking to strangers online, now behead her!"

Jacob was in no mood for jokes. Couldn't his imprint understand how dangerous her situation was?

Then again, who could educate her about the Internet? Her family used it only for work, except for Alice, who would shop online. Again he had to play the role of the surrogate parent, while her own were screwing each other like wild animals like usually. As if they didn't have a daughter!

"You need to stop treating me like a child," she hissed, shoving her finger too close to his face, attempting to threaten her. But he wasn't going to let himself get scared of her.

"And you need to stop acting like one," his eyes never left hers, not daring to blink. If she was going to play games, then he was going to play them as well.


CUPS OF TEA [4] - a The Twilight Saga Fan Fiction