The days were going by fast. Soon was the premiere of the play - right before the Christmas holidays.

The hallways of Hollywood arts were full of green and red decorations. The Christmas spirit was dominating the students' moods as they could be heard chatting gleefully about their plans for the upcoming holidays. Most were going to spend New Year's Eve with their friends at expensive resorts as some sort of a farewell senior trip

Jade and Beck were hanging out nearby her scissor-covered locker before their next class.

"What should we do this year?", Beck asked. This New Year's Eve was special - it was going to be their last one in high school. This time next year they would hopefully be in University.

Jade shrugged. She was fine with anything as long as it involved her boyfriend. Jack was going to be with their grandparents so there was nothing to fret about. Except for the play, but who wouldn't be fretting about it if they were in her shoes?

She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to herself as his arms found their way to her waist, "We can jam with our musical instruments?"

Very few people had heard Beck and Jade performing in a duet. The school was not interested in that, preferring to focus on challenging their students by forming other musical groups for the school performances. If only they knew how beautifully the in-love birds sounded together, how much chemistry they had, their music teachers would regret not allowing them to work together.

As much as Beck liked the idea, he preferred to throw a small party with their friends and perhaps there they could play instruments and welcome the new year

From the corner of her eye, she could spot random girls, probably freshers and sophomores staring at the happy couple with jealousy. Time to teach them a lesson. She kissed Beck with so much love as if she wanted to tell the world that he was only hers and that they belonged together. It wasn't going to be a surprise if he proposed to her on their graduation day... or even earlier. But he wouldn't do that. He knew Jade hated predictable and unoriginal things, so if he wanted to surprise her and make everything memorable, he would have to think outside of the box. Still, there was time for everything. He wasn't rushing to get married to her as soon as both of them were legal adults. While his birthday was in February, hers was in July.

Beck could barely wait to turn eighteen. He knew that with adulthood came more responsibilities and that he would have to find a job to contribute to the family bills, but that meant that Jade, possibly even Jack, could move in with him without any problems. He desperately needed to help them get out of their family, losing nights of sleep worrying about the wellbeing of the love of his life and her little brother.

He was so caught up in his daydreaming about his future young adult life, that he didn't even hear his girlfriend snapping her fingers in front of his face until she squeezed his hand too tightly, "Sweetie? We need to get to class," having grasped him by the wrist, she began dragging him to the classroom.

During the class, Sikowitz wouldn't stop boasting Jade's play, obviously excited that it was going to be shown. The whole class, possibly even the whole school had gotten tired of listening about it all the time. As if it wasn't enough to listen about it, the whole school had seen the numerous posters about the play everywhere - from the hallways to the cafeteria, even in the bathrooms!  At this point, it was too much, Jade could agree with that too.

The whole school could barely wait for the play to come out - most of them were sick and tired of listening about it and only wanted for Christmas break to finally come. But the ones who had worked hard on the production were pumped to finally show the finished product.

Little did the school know that the play was going to share the way they viewed Jade.


THE SCRIPT [11] - a Victorious Fan Fiction