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A look behind the mirror .. Wish i could be

A look behind the mirror .. Wish i could be

A look behind the mirror ... Wish I could Be ..

Bleeding From The Inside

Eaten In my Body

Aching In My Heart and Soul

Smiling At The Outside

Crying In The Midnight

Signs Of A Slowly Dying Heart ..

Going Back in Time, Like a Endless Black Hole

Suffering Of Wounds In My Body Tht Has Been Aten

Thinking Off The Endless Future Hoping Time Can Heal My Wounds.

Tears Of Pain ..

Tears Of Joy ..

Tears Of Happiness..

Tears Of Sadness..

An Invisible Tear That You Never See ..

If You Know Me..

Take A look Behind My Mirror,

And you Will see A visible Tear..

That Shows You The Real ME !

That Tear That You Will See ..

What Tear Could That Be ..?

Wish I Could..

Learn how to

Accept the pain of My Visible Tear

accept The Positive And Negative

The Goods And Bads .. .

To take me on the side that

Heal Me From The Inside

Take Me With Hart and Soul

Let My Smile Become Reality

and My Tears Be History ..

Time Will Heal ..

To Forgive .. Things That Did go Wrong.

To Forget .. My Past To Never Look Back..

Live our Lives as In The Never ending space ..

Can't See A thing

Don't Know Where I Am

Don't know The Distance

Don't Know Where You Are

I will Be Waiting

Till You Reach Me ..

In The Timeless Never Ending Space