Skra Waterfalls

In the prefecture of Kilkis, in Macedonia (Northern Greece) there is one of those "hidden gems" I use to say, called Skra Waterfalls. In this amazing natural landscape, hidden in the dense forest, there is a lake known as "Emerald lake" or "Blue lake".  Skra is a small mountain village near the borders with FYROM. About 5 klm away from the village, is the starting point of the path leading to the beautiful waterfalls, probably the most magical corner of the mountain. If you walk along the path you will see mother nature at her best. Magnificent green and dense trees, waterfalls, a small cave with stalactites, a beautiful bridge etc. The water of the lake is really cold but if you are brave enough you can have a swim. Absolutely a place worth visiting. Loved it!
Hope you like it! <3