#lifemotto #poetry #meditation #writing

The sea is a glue
between depths and sky,
colors orange and blue,
The slash feature's right!

Oh, the sea, soul of my soul,
the heart is the sailboat,
even for the unraveled mystery
that's hidden in between poetry
and photography.

Wave slowly becoming one trail to follow,
just spread the sail
the wind is your friend!

Set the course to the North and know,
balance is inside us all.
Starting with me and You,
creating happiness and peace,
joy and symbiosis.

Oh, sea the apple of my eye,
give me strength and power to rise above
small-minded human lie, becouse
The most valued currency's energy.

My wings and sail at the same time allows
to be, beautiful and free, and most of all -
faith I can do it all!

Art is my weapon and Love is my spear,
innocence, and vulnerability without fear!
Child like Am I, wild like a blue sea, calm as heal,
orange slash features right!

This is a new one that describes perfectly my life motto ❤️

Slash feature right