Sleeping Beauty

#history Oh well, once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Aurora, who was very beautiful, so much so that she was sent by a witch That was the day of Her birth, there was a witch who made a curse that said that when she turned 16 she would stick the tip of a wheel into her finger, which would make her fall into a deep sleep forever! although she had mercy while saying that only true love can break the curse, This is how the girl was sent with some godmothers to the forest where there was no danger that would cause her to fall into a deep sleep, Years passed until the girl was stranded in a tower in the middle of everything! it was there when the witch came back! I lock her up so they couldn't wake her up, In them comes a prince who defying everything and out of love manages to pass every challenge of the witch giving the opportunity to wake up with the kiss of true love

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