Jade thought that it would be a typical day. She didn't expect anything new to happen. And why would she? She didn't believe in miracles. She preferred being the pessimistic realist rather than the optimist who lived in a fantasy world as Tori and Cat did in her eyes.

Her friends were becoming pushier and pushier by the day. Soon, she would not have a choice but to let them read the script that was finally done after sleepless nights and too much coffee.

"Oh, come on, Jade! We're your friends, we can help if you need it!", Andre insisted as the group of friends was going to Sikowitz's class - Jade's favourite. She was hoping that their teacher's bizarre exercises and alphabet improv would be enough to distract everyone from the script.

In the middle of the class, however, Sikowitz remembered about the special little assignment he had given to one of his favourite students, "How's the script going, Jade?"

"It's ready," Jade replied with a witty smile which was returned by her teacher before he went back to his lecture.

She cussed in her mind. Why did Sikowitz have to mention the stupid script? If only she hadn't been given the assignment... then she would have no problems, except for her family, which wasn't a big deal for her anymore.

She dreaded the end of the class when the bell rang and the students burst out of the room, ready to form a queue at the food truck. Jade was about to bail out and sneak out of the school to get her coffee in peace when a voice stopped her in her tracks:


Ugh. Of course, it would be Tori. Why couldn't everybody leave her all by herself and stop pestering her about the script? Why did they insist so much on seeing it? Had Beck told them anything?

Or maybe her friends simply wanted to know where she was headed to lunch? Jade doubted that. It was all about the dumb script.

The hallway was empty, everybody having their lunch or being at class. It was only Jade and her friends. There was no escape. If she bailed out, she would be showered with questions she could not or flat out refused to answer. She needed none of the unnecessary drama. She only wanted coffee. And Beck. And maybe Cat and Andre as well.

"So, can we see the script if it's ready?", Robbie spoke shyly. Usually, he would be interrupted or followed by his puppet (that he insisted was not one), called Rex, alas, today the puppet was unusually quiet.

She was calculating the outcome in her mind, as her friends could not take their eyes off her, waiting for her decision, even Beck was gently rubbing her shoulder to comfort her, afraid that she would lose it. If she agreed, then they would finally shut up, but there was a chance for them to realize what the script was really about. Alas, if she refused, then it would be more suspicious.

With a heavy heart, Jade handed a copy of the script she kept in her bag just in case. And with that, she felt like she had signed her penalty.

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